2013 Rate & Ship Cruises Chongqing Wanzhou - Yichang

Rush trip to Yangtze river cruise holidays chongqing wanzhou and Yichang with excursions to small three gorges three gorges dam shennvxi stream in 3 days voyage. Short cruises trip between Chongqing Wanzhou Yichang. And bus between Chongqing and Wanzhou, ship cruise between Wanzhou and Yichang.

Itinerary proposal for shore excursion / sightseeing of (Chongqing) Wanzhou - Yichang , Price and rate

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Itinerary proposal for shore excursion / sightseeing of (Chongqing) Wanzhou - Yichang , Price and rate
This ship voyage just between Wanzhou and Yichang, and between Wanzhou and Chongqing, there is a shuttle bus arranged for land transportation.

Down cruise from (Chongqing) Wanzhou to Yichang.
Ship name:
Varies in different date (total 3 ships departure in turn).
Shuttle bus departue from Chongqing:
               1st bus depart at 13:00 with excursion to Wanzhou Waterfall (optional, cost extra)
               2nd bus depart at 16:00 with nonstop to Fengjie.
Place to take the shuttle bus: ChaoTianMen Square, Yuzhong district, Chongqing downtown.
Basic down voyage itinerary
Day01,  At about 20:00 Embarkation begins at Wanzhou, 23:00-24:00 to visit Zhangfei Temple (optional, cost extra), overnight in Ship.
Day02,  07:3010:30 Excursion to White Emperor City;  10:3012:00 Sails through Qutang Gorge, at about 12:00 arrive Wushan Port; 12:3017:30 Excursion to Daning River Small Gorges (Optional excursion 220CNY/p.p, cost extra); 22:00--24:00 Sail through Three Gorges dam shiplocks, overnight in ship at Maoping or Taipingxi Pier. (B/L/D)
Day03, 06:00 morning call, and check-out room at 06:30, at 07:00 for b'fast, then 07:3010:30 Morning visit (Excursion) Three Gorges Dam site. At about 11:30 bus drive to Yichang tourist center, service ends. (B)

Up cruise from Yichang to Fengjie (Chongqing) .
Ship name:
Varies in different date.
Place to embark ship
: Yichang Port, accurate pier will be sent you in our confirmation and arrangement after your booking and payment.
Basic down voyage itinerary
Day01, At 20:00 coach transfer from Yichang Tourist Center to TGP hotel for night.
Day02, 07:3010:30 Morning visit (excursion) Three Gorges Dam site;  10:30 sails through Xiling Gorge, 14:30 arrive Badong Port for excursion to Shennongxi (Shennong Stream, optional excursion cost extra 220CNY/p.p, about 3 hours), 17:30-20:00 sials through Wu Gorges, overnight in ship at Wushan Port. (B/L/D)
Day03, 05:30 entering Qutang Gorge, 07:3010:30 Excursion to White Emperor City, 15:00-16:00 excursion to Zhangfei Temple (optional excursion, cost extra). 17:00 check out room, and then 18:00 arrive Wanzhou, at about 22:00 bus arrival at Chongqing, sevice ends. (B)

Quotation and Price of Standard Cabin for cruises of Yichang to Wanzhou (Chongqing)

Mar Jun Jul Aug Apr, May, Sep, Oct 30Apr-03May, 30Sep-07Oct
Down stream 1580
Up stream 1480
Down Stream 1650
Up stream 1550
Down stream 1780
Up stream 1680

1, Quotation CNY in RMB, per person for standard cabin, 2 persons in one standard cain, facilities in cabin just like 3 stars land hotel in China.
2, Included: local style meals (group) marked (1 dinner, 1 lunch, 2 b'fast), excursions marked ( with its group service: transportation for sightseeing if necessary,  English speaking guide service for sightseeing, entrance fee for sightseeing), standard cabin for accommodation (2 persons in one standard cabin), group shuttle bus ticket between Wanzhou and Chongqing.
Excluded: service charge 30-50CNY/p.p., optional excursions, excursions not marked in itinerary.
3, If single deluxe cabin available or one person share one standard cabin, then cost 175% of above quotation;
If deluxe suite available, then each suite cost 400% of above quotation.
If president suite available, then each president suite cost 600% of above quotation.
4, The service quality just better than Economic Boat, but less than the service in 5 stars ship between Chongqing and Yichang.


Ships arranged in turns as: "Victoria No.1"; "Changjiang Victoria Princess"; "Changjiang Pearl"
The ship maybe arranged other ship instead by ship Corp.


All above subjected to our confirmation.

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