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Route Depart time Arrival Cruises Price (cabin) Back depart time
Beihai-Haikou From 18:00 06:00 on 2nd day 3 daily 40USD/p.p. 1st cabin 18:00
Beihai-Weizhou Island From 08:30 10:40 the same day 5 daliy 15USD/p.p. 2nd cabin 15:00
Haikou-Guangzhou     daily 50USD/p.p. 1st cabin  
Haikou-Shekou 15:30 12:00 2nd day the other day 65USD/p.p.  1st cabin 16:00
Haikou-Zhanjiang 09:00, 21:00 17:00, 05:00(2nd day) 2 80USD/p.p.  1st cabin 09:30, 22:00
Haikou-Zhanjiang 09:30, 13:30 13:30, 17:30 2 40USD/p.p. high speed  
Shekou-Haikou 16:00 10:00 on 2nd day the other day 65USD/p.p.  1st cabin 15:30
Shekou-Wuzhou 09:30 Odd day 17:00 the same day   High speed 08:10 Even day
Shekou-Macau 11:00 12:30   High speed 14:30
Shekou-Hongkong Every 15 minutes one hour voyage 40-60 40USD/p.p. High speed Every 15 mintues
Shekou-Zhuhai Every 1 hour 2.5 hours voyage 7   Every 1 hour
Shikou-Zhuhai every 1 hour 1 hour voyage 12 High speed every 1 hour
Panyu-Hongkong 10:10 15:00 17:00   3 High speed  
Dongguang-Hongkong 08:30, 09:30, 12:00, 14:10, 16:00, 17:35   6 High speed  
Zhaoqing-Hongkong 09:00   1 High speed  
Zhongshan-Hongkong Every one hour 1.3 hours voyage 10 High speed  

Hongkong, the port or piers as: HK Macau Ferry Terminal and Hongkong Int'l A'port and China Hongkong City. And usually if to Hongkong Int'l A'port for flight by high speed boat, then you can do boarding card (plane boarding procedure) in all ports in Guangdong, but better 2.5 hours in advance.
Between Guangzhou and Hongkong, there are many coach from many hotels.

Price includes booking fee.

All above adjusted without prior notice, For your reference only.

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