2013 Cabin Price or Rate for China Yangtse  Yangtze River Cruise Ticket on Sale

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Please e-mail your citizenship, all members full name, passport number etc to us for cruise booking.
And the rate is basis of 1st floor cabin, and additional 50-150CNY/p.p. for each upper deck cabin. And our quotation e-mailed to you is also basis of 1st floor cabin.
Tips and service charges will be charged extra while your boarding ship, in gerneral about 150CNY/p.p. for Yichang - Chongqing cruises (300CNY/p.p. for Chongqing-Shanghai). You pay the tips while your boarding ship.

One day cruise in Yichang 
Huangpujiang cruise in Shanghai
Index:  Smg--Small three gorges,  Dam--Three Gorges Dam Project;  Snx--Shennongxi Stream; Fdu--Fengdu Ghost City; Sbz--Shibaozhai Stone City; Bdc--Fengjie Baidicheng City; Wxa--Wanxian; *--stars; D--Down stream; U--Up stream
For special price on sale, just e-mail us for certain boat with promotion, and you'd e-mail your citizenship to us.
Tip cost extra and paid by yourself to the front desk in the ship

Boat * dir Note shore excursion
(for reference only)
our rate:CNY in RMB
peak season
Apr, May, Sep, Oct
off season
Mar, Jun, Jul, Aug, Nov
Century Legend, Century Paragon 5*++   Tips included   3450 3150
Century Sky, Century Sun     Tips included   2650 2550
Century Star     Tips included   2350 2250
Gold 1-7 5*++   Tips included   2950 2850
Changjiang 1 5   With swimming pool, full balcony D: Fdu, Smg, Dam
U: Dam, Snx, Fdu
2600 2200
Changjiang 2 5+   Balcony, Constant temperature swimming pool   2850 2550
President Prime, President 7-8 5*++       2850 2550
President 1 5   Tips included   2250 2150
Yangtze Angel
Blue Whale
Sunshine China
5   balcony   2250 2050
Long Sky, Long Delight, Long Peace, Long Brilliance 5       2150 2050
China Victoria No. 2,  5 5-       2100 1900
Regal China 4   cabin small
(Princess Elaine, Sheena, Jeannie)
Fdu Smg Dam 1800 1700
USA Victoria:  Jenna, Katarine, Anna, Selina, Lianna, Grace, Sophia 5   1-31Mar 11Apr-31May 12Sep-31Oct Other days
D 2600 2800 / 2900 2900 / 3100 2650
U 2150 / 2500 2350 / 2800 2700 / 2900 2250 / 2550

All the time is estimated, change without prior notice.
All rate is subjected to our confirmation.
Spot fee in red in Shore Sightseeing excluded in rate. 
Per person in RMB, basis of standard cabin; if for other cabin, just mail us. And season varied per different boat, and all information below subject to change by boat corp.

Above cost included in boat: meals, excursion, one bed in a standard cabin if overnight in boat (2beds in a standard cabin, and standard cabin just like a standard room in a hotel). Some ships with the lunch (the lunch of 4th day arrival Yichang) included, some ships with the lunch (the lunch of 4th day arrival Yichang) included.
Just mail us for the best price on sale if available.

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