Guangzhou Canton Zhujiang River Boat Cruises Evening Trip

Departure daily in Canton (Guangzhou): 
There boats sailing in Zhujiang Zhu River for night river view scenery of Canton (Guangzhou) city .

Boats as: "Jin'ou", "Yin'ou", "Yexianggongzhu", "Huachengmingzhu", "Zhushuimingzhu", "Yeyunmingzhu", "Taikong", "Xinxishibao", "Tianzi" series, "Jade" , "Lanhaitun", "Baihaitun" etc.
Departure time: vary from 18:30 to 21:00. (if in festivals or holidays, Sun and Sat, even in high tourist season, then there are day cruises)
Duration: 2hour around.
Cost: 50USD/p.p.

Included: 2hours around cruise trip to enjoy the night Canton (Guangzhou) scenery along the Zhujiang Zhu river,  round way transfers between your hotel (downtown only) and pier, English speaking guide service.

Route: varies.

Pier: Tianzi Pier; Xiti Pier.

If need charter these boats or cabins for evening party, conference, meeting etc, just e-mail us. And these ships can sails to meet your routes.

All above for your reference only, we do not reservation service.

Price for this Yangzi river cruise 
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