The Change of the Three Gorges After 2003

   As the time of damming the river secondly for the canal of conducting water in Three Gorges project is approaching, the development of tourism in the three Gorges have drawn various attention from professional and non-professional people. The last tour called " Bid Farewell To The Three Gorges" has been aroused hotly in the tourism recently. Would the splendid scenery of the Three Gorges in the Yangtze River really say goodbye to human beings? In order to make professional people and tourists know the effects of the water conservancy project in The Three Gorges Dam on the tourism along the Three Gorges clearly, COTC, which has run the touring affairs along the Yangtze River for the longest time and the largest scale, is going to make further introduction on the changes of tourism in The Three Gorges as follows:
 The changes of the water conservancy in four stages of The Three Gorges project.
The center buildings of The Three Gorges project are constituted of three parts: dam, workshop and the building for navigation. In order to make sure the golden channel will work smoothly in the Yangtze River during the working period, it is very necessary to conduct the water flowing away from the dam workshop and the working areas. However, the arrangement of the conduct work must consider not only on the economical and the practical use, but also on the principle of convenience on the construction work of the project. According to the construction plan fro the project, there are three parts of the working period and the whole project has to last for 17 years. And according to the process of conducting water, the water conservancy has been divided into four stages:
   First: To build up the canal of conducting water by using the ZhongBao Island. With the mark of damming the river in November 1997, the water level of the Yangtze River is going to rise 10 meters. The tour along the Yangtze River will not be influenced basically.
   Second: From October 2002 to June 2003, the dam is going to store the water to a level of 135 meters step by step, and the tail of the water will come to WanXian City along the Yangtze River .In this period, ZhangFei Temple will be submerged. The submerged reefs and the dangerous shoals will be diminished tremendously and the surface will be mild, at that time, there will be few differences between the upstream and downstream in the Three Gorges Region. The permanent navigation project will be erected and the first set in the left bank will begin.
   Third: In September 2006, the dam is going to be rose 150 meters and the water surface will be gentler. At that time, the scenery along Three Gorges will not have a great change.
Forth: The dam will store the water of 175 meters and the water level will have a change ranging in 30 meters per year. After the reservoir storing water, the water level will rise about 100 meters in the front of the dam, and the whole construction will be completed.
   The changes of the Three Gorges scenery when the store water level of the Three Gorges rise to 135 meters in 2002.
    After the regular water conservancy of the reservoir, 39 of the 108 historical objects and historic sites will be submerged. There are 16 spots in the first rank, 11 spots in the second rank and twelve spots in the third rank. In order to protect and save the historical objects and the historic sites along the Three Gorges, the government have made up the plans and have taken the corresponding measures.White Crane Ridge Stone Fish Carving FuLing, which is called "The First Historical Hydrometric station", is unique all over the world. It's also the object that is protested by the government regarded as the key relics along the Three Gorges Dam Region. In the dry season of winter, it shows its appearance out of the surface of water, but it is submerged under the water other time. It will be submerged after the Three Gorges water conservancy storing the water. In order to make the tourists can appreciate sleep -forever White Cane Ridge under -water stone and the ruins of the carved stone, a project called "making an imitative White Crane Ridge Carving Stone Model" has been carried out immaculately.
    The Ghost Town - FengDu will be submerged till the foot of famous mountain, and most scenes above the "Door of Hell " will remain their previous appearances, for example " the Emperor Temple " will appear as it used to be. ShiBao village in Zhong County is going to be submerged 1.5 meters under water. The government has map out a plan for making the dike to prevent the waves from destroying the gate. ZhangFei Temple in YunYang is the only one of the historic building that is submerged totally, and it will move to another place with YunYang County.
    BaiDi City in FengJie will be submerged to its waist, so there are effects on Baidi Temple. Mt. Bidishan will change into an isolated island rounded by water in four directions from its previous appearance that is rounded by water in three directions. The landscape of it becomes more beautiful than it used to be. The summits of Qutang Gorge are all above the sea level for kilometers, so there is nothing to do with its scenic spots, for example, KuiMen is still standing there showing its beauty. However, only the scenic spots at the entrance, such as "Historical cliff road", "MengLiang Ladder "and "Pink Wall", etc, have been moved to the place where is above 175 meters high. The great deal of carving stones in Wu Gorge and XiLing Gorge, such as "Kong Ming stone stele "in Wu Gorge, are going to be carved again in a new place by imitating the old one.
    There is a little change of the Mini-Three Gorges in Mt. Wu. The feature scenery of Longmen Gorge and BaWu Gorge will be diminished but there is no effect on Dicui Gorge. The twelve ridges and peaks in Wu Mountain are above 900 waters compared with the sea level, for that sack when the water level rises, the feature of the Gorges will not be destroyed. Just like the poem said, " If the Goddess is still standing here she will be startled by the great change of the whole world" .The Museum for displaying the ancients in Mt. Wu, which is supplied by the government is on the pipe of designing.
   There is no effect on the QuYuan Memorial Temple in Zigui. However, because of the moving of Wan County, Mr. Quyuan has to be a "immigrant" for another time. Binshubaojian Gorge and Nuganmafei Gorge in Xiling Gorge have low peaks, so there is no effect on the distant view in winter when the conservancy time is coming, but the close view of the Gorges feature will be diminished. For other spots there is no effect on them.
     The arrangement for the cruise from 2002 to 2005
From November 2002 when the canal of conducting water has been dammed to April l0th when the temporary ship lock stop using, the water flows through the bottom of the canal and the cruise ships go through the temporary ship lock. The upper reaches of the river begins to conserve water from 70 meters to 135 meters, since it is the off -season for tourism in the year there is no effect on the cruise. Until the June in 2003, the permanent ship lock will be full of water and be used as the navigation road. The region of the Three Gorges Dam Project will cut the navigation road during two months of that time. At that period the cruise ships will berth at the Maoping Harbor or the Peace Brook that are in the upper reaches of the Dam. In the "Time of Transform", tourists mainly rely on the highway of the Three Gorges Dam project that is for a special purpose to transfer them in front of the Dam. At this time the channel of the Three Gorges Region will be controlled by the Department of Transportation that is in charge of the live direction for the shipping in the Three Gorges project. To guarantee the boats coming from the upper reaches of the Yangtze River have their priority and regularly shipping course, the department has adopted various measures such as correcting the rapids, accelerating the pushing power and other methods.
   After the forming of the Dam Region there is a permanent third rank ship lock. Calculating according to the time that the boats take for going through the Gezhou Dam recently, it will take 2 hours or so to do it in the future, and there is no need for the united transportations by boats and buses in the regular condition. When water level raises to 135 meters in front of the dam, the channel has been broadened, the sight of the curves has been more obvious, the speed of the water have been reduced and the conditions of the dangerous shoals have been changed a lot. Now at the end of the Dam, 24 controlling regions of the river will be decreased to three, and the signal platform will be decreased to seven, as a result the rate of the boats waiting for the entrance has been diminished and it has gone forever that all the boats must stop at Wan County for a night. A signal boat upstream will accelerate by 4km / hour; and will slow down by 2 km / hour if downstream. So the forming of the Dam Region plays a very positive role to the speed of the boats and the sailing time of the current schedule.
   In order to make tourists visit both the original scene and the new scene along the Three Gorges, the arrangements of the sailing and lines will be designed as follows (2002-2006)
    Yuyi line: Depart from Chongqing at 09:00 or Fengdu at 16:00. Excursion to Baidi city, Mini-Three Gorges (or Shenlong Brook), The Three Gorges. Arrive in the Maoping harbor.
    Yiyu Line: Depart from the Maoding harbor at 11:00am after tourists from upstream visiting the Three Gorges Dam. Excursion to Mini -Three Gorges (or Shenlong Brook) and Fengdu. Arrive in Fengdu (take buses to Chongqing from Fengdu)/ Chongqing.
    Throughout the whole visiting the tourists will enjoy their tour because of the convenient transportation united by the water and highway and will not only visit the splendid scenery of the Yangtze River as it used to be, but also see its future appearance when the Dam Region has been built up. During this period of time the attractive point of the tour along the Three Gorges are as follows: the primeval scenery of the Three Gorges, the recent changes of the original sceneries, the new villages for the immigrants from the Dam Region and the conservation for the historical relics. "Trace back to the water flowing from the high Mountain and taste the changes of the Three Gorges of the Three Gorges ", that is to say visiting the Three Gorges will give you a brand -new experience and enlighten your immeasurable imaginative space.
   Forecast for the Three Gorges after 2009
After the completion of the Dam in 2009 there are a few changes of the natural tributaries condition in the Yangtze River, but the Three Gorges Reservoir only conserve 393 hundred million cubic meters of water, which is only the 8.7% of the water from the natural sources in a year, for that sack after the Dam conserving water, the amount of water flowing in the tributaries will still remain its previous condition. When the water level reaches the height of 175 meters in front of the Dam in 2009 there will be a Gorges -Shaped Dam that is of the size of 1100 square kilometers above the water surface and of the length of 650 kilometers from Yichang Sangdou Ping to Chongqing .In that Reservoir the average depth of it will be increased by 10-100 meters. Compared with the cliffs that are several hundred and oven several thousand meters high, the primitive features of the Three Gorges will still show its splendid appearance to the tourists. There is no effect on its inherent characteristics such as magnificent, precipitous, fantastic and peaceful.
    Although there are many historical sites submerged under water, the structure of the natural spots such as "No change of the Goddess", "magnificent Qutang Gorge, peaceful Wu Gorge, beautiful Xiling Gorge " Will not change .The tourists will be so enchanted by the splendid scenery of the Three Gorges Dam, such as Shenlong Brook in Badong, Fengjie, Wu Brook and the golden triangle in Mt. Wu Tour Region. What's more, the high Mountain Grassland of Red pool Dam in The deep Dangning River, Shuangxi Valley and Xiaping Valley, Furong River in Fuling and Furong valley, Tianhang and Difeng in Fengjie will show their new appearances before the visitors. According to the experts forecasting there will be 37 Gorges and drifting current, 15 valleys, 11 lakes and 14 islands after the water conservancy in the Three Gorges Reservoir. The water will go to the waist of the Mt. Baidisan, so the Bidi city and the Shibao village will turn into Baidi Island and Shibao Island in the Lake of Baidi and Shibao. The Ghost Town Fengdu will become a semi-island in the water from three directions and there will be a grand dike with the width of 25 meters and the height of 30 meters at the foot of the Mt. Mingshan. The feature of the mini three Gorges will be obviously seen by tourists after the water level rose. Moreover the tourists will see more scenic spots inside the mini -Three Gorges all year long. In the future the size of the cruise ship will be much larger than now, therefore the ship will be more comfortable and smooth for tourists to enjoy themselves. At that time the center part of the tourism along the Yangtze River will have some changes tines. Maybe tourists will not worry about the good and bad aspects upstream and downstream, and cruise companies will not apply two prices for it. The golden tour region centered by the Three Gorges Dam will become a splendid and beautiful pearl in the Yangtze River Tourism.
    The establishment of the Three Gorges Dam has nothing to do with the scenery along this region and builds up the new splendid and beautiful scenery for people to visit .The natural gallery with handsome mountains and beautiful peaks, peaceful gorges, magnificent cliffs and the colorful picture scroll with high gorges, and mild lakes, green waves and fresh plants make the famous Three Gorges tour show its attractive appearance to the tourists all over the wold forever and more charming as the time goes by. We have seen the scenery along the Three Gorges today as beautiful as a picture and we will see a much more beautiful picture in the Three Gorges Region after the Dam have been built up in the future.
"Enjoy the beauty of the Three Gorges in the vacation tour of CCOTC". As the earliest one to manage the touring affairs in the Yangtze River we are the largest and earliest corporation in this region. Our company makes every effort to arrange the most lines and to serve in every aspect. We promised you to give you an unforgettable impression visiting all life long.

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