China TGP Three Gorges Dam Project & Ertan Dam

Brief Introduction
Some facts about thi China three gorges dam project
The change of the three gorges after 2003
Chronology of Three Gorges Project
Project improve the climate of Yangtse River
Three gorges dam construction site and it's future
The sediment sedimentation & soil erosion for Yangtze River   

Tour for Professional Study & Exchange in Sanxia Project (TGP) 

The Sketch of TGP three gorges dam project 
Introduction and the sketch map of Dujiangyan weir  

Other Dam along The Yangtze River

Ertan Hydroelectric Water Power 
Gezhouba Water Control Dam Project
Xiluodu Dam Project 

China will develop the Hydro Power along Yalongjiang (Yalong) River in Sichuan, Ertan Developing Corp. plan to build many hydro power stations in 20years: Jingbing-1, Jingbing-2, Lianghekou, Guangdi, Tongzilin and Yangfanggou etc, and total installed capacity as much as 5times as Three Gorges Dam.
And, this area among Yalongjiang river, Jinshajiang river and Daduhe river will be the basic place to develop hydropower in China in the future.


China Hydro Power Station   Reservoir and Dam List

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