Sketch Map of Three Gorges Dam Project for Dam Study Tour

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A: Spill Way.               B: Power Plant (right bank).                  C: Power Plant (left bank).               D: Dam View Site.
E: Tanzhilin Terrace.     F: Ship Locks.(5 grade)                        G: Temperary Shiplock.                   H: Ship Lift.
I: 185M Terrace.         J: Memory Park.                                   K: Dyke (Dike).                               L: Xiling Bridge.
M1: Yangtze River (Upper).                                                     M2: Yangtze River (Down).
N: Fenghuang Hill Park (Zigui County).                                                            O: Shiplock View Site (Zashou, Dam Head).
P: Dam Top.               Q: The TGP Center hotel.                      R: Zigui Town.

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