Brief Introduction of Yangtze River & Dam

    In the second phase, the dam will be built to a height of 87 metres (285 ft). By 2003, the first turbine will have been installed on the southern bank to start generating power. From April 10 to June 1, People can only cruise between Chongqing and the Dam. When the second phase is complete, 14 turbines and a 135-metre- high (442-ft-high) permanent ship-lock will have been built on the southern bank. In the final phase, 2003-2009, the dam will be raised to a maximum height of 175 metres (574 ft) and an additional 12 turbines will be installed on the northern bank. The dam is due to begin generating its own revenue by 2003 and by 2009, when all 26 power generating units are operating, it will have an annual capacity of 85 billion kilowatt hours -- or one- ninth of China's total capacity.

      Yangtse River, together with the Yellow River, is the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Over 4,000 miles (6,000 km) long, and home to more than 300 million people. To feel the power and majesty of China's greatest river abroad a cruise ship is an unforgettable experience, the mighty Yangtze is the longest river in China and the third longest in the world. Along the upper reaches of the river lies the spectacular three gorges.
       To sail through the famous Three Gorges of the Yangtse is to feel the power, majesty and timelessness of China's greatest -and the world's third longest river. Imagine the sight as sheer cliffs of rock close in around you, drawing you deeply into a scene of almost unspeakable beauty. Fisherman brave the rushing waters to net their livelihood. Birds dart between clouds, eyeing their prey far below. As the boat turns at a seemingly dead end, a new world of wonders suddenly unfolds before you ...

       In Sep 2008, the water level will up to 175meters.

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