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A 5-star archaized imperial style cruise ship constructed in 1996, Qian Long is the only dragon shaped deluxe ship sailing on Yangtze River. For a long time, dragon is the symbol of China and it is said to represent the spirits of Chinese. Dragon actually is the theme of the ship in dragon, special of Kangxi Emperor. Carved beams, painted rafters, winding corridors, marble railings, golden sculptures and colored antique palace lanterns, all were built and decorated in an imperial style dating back to Qianlong (Kangxi Emperor) period of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

All the waiters and waitresses on Qianlong ship were trained well. With much knowledge of Qing's history and story, they are familiar with Kangxi Emperor's daily life in royal palace (Forbidden City), as well as contemporary touristsí needs, so they know how to make them a perfect combination to meet their needs. They dress in Qing style costumes and serve guests with utmost care. Veteran chefs offer a wide variety of exquisite dishes, including "carmine" rice, green, pink or white polished glutinous rice, sturgeon, soft-shelled turtle, venison, deer tongue and prawn.

There are 9,999 dragons in different shapes and sizes in the "Dragon" ship. You can try to find the 9,999 dragons as you take cruise trip along the Yangtze River, .
The Qianlong (Dragon) ship, all cabins are equipped with a leisure balcony.

Cabins and accommodations:
Standard Cabin:
17.1m≤/cabin, 87 cabins: one bed room, one bath room, one balcony.
Emperor Deluxe Suite:
47m≤/suite, 2 suite: one living room, one bed room, one bath room, one balcony.

1st Navigation: Aug 1996.
New decoration: 2005
Capacity: 178 passengers.
Length: 92 meters.
Width: 18 meters.
Meals: B'fast, buffet; Lunch, Chinese Style (table); Dinner, Chinese Style (table).
Stars: 5 stars.
Cruises: Chongqing and Yichang.
Ship names: Dragon (Qianlong).

Facility and Equipment: front desk, international conference hall, meeting rooms, card room, library, dining room, observation deck, business center, sauna, massage, beauty salon,  shopping store,   bar, reading room, gymnasium, health clinic, etc.

Itinerary (reference only) as:

Down stream (Chongqing-Yichang):
Day01, Departure at 22:00 from Chongqing.
Day02, Excursion to Fenjie Baidicheng (Whie Emperor City).
Day03, Excursion to the Small Three Gorges (Daning River), and visit the Three Gorges Dam.
Day04, Arrive Yichang at about 08:30.

Up stream (Yichang-Chongqing)
Day01, Departure at 22:00 from Yichang.
Day02, Excursion to the Three Gorges Dam.
Day03, Excursion to Badong Shennong Stream (drifting).
Day04, Excursion to Fengdu.
Day05, Arrive Chongqing at 09:00 around.

All above are subjected to its changed by ship Corp..


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