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The top deluxe ship Yangtze Princess, famous for novel design, graceful outline, deluxe deco and separate balcony in some cabins, is top 5stars ship in Yangtze river for tourist to take holidays and vacation tour, sightseeing and business trip, as well as academic conference.

Facilities and service in 4stars Yangtze Princess ship: central air- conditioner, closed circuit TV, audio, dining room, coffee house, bar, sun deck, massage, ballroom, karaoke, shopping center, beauty parlor, outside observation platform, conference room, business center etc.

Cabins and accommodations in Yangtze Princess ship:
Standard Cabin (twin):
17mē/cabin, 74 cabins: one bed room, one bath room.
Deluxe Suite:
34mē/suite, 4 suites: one living room, one bed room, one bath room.
President Suite: 88mē/suite, 2 suites: one living room, one bed room, one bath room.

1st Navigation: Sep 1992.
New decoration: 2005
Capacity: 160 passengers.
Length: 91.5 meters.
Width: 16.4 meters.
Meals: B'fast, buffet; Lunch, Chinese Style (table); Dinner, Chinese Style (table).
Stars: 4 stars.
Cruises: Chongqing and (or Wuhan) Yichang.
Ship name: Yangtze Princess. (Changjiang Gongzhu)

Itinerary (reference only) for China Yangtse River Sanxia dam cruise tour as:

Down stream (Chongqing-Yichang):
Day01, Departure at 09:00 from Chongqing, China, and excursion to Fengdu - Ghost City.
Day02, Excursion to the Shennongxi Stream.
Day03, Excursion to  the China Three Gorges Dam, and arrive Yichang at about 11:30.

Up stream (Yichang-Chongqing)
Day01, Departure at 09:00 from Yichang, excursion to the China Three Gorges Dam.
Day02, Excursion to Small Three Gorges - Lesser Three Gorges.
Day03, Excursion to Fengdu.
Day04, Arrive Chongqing at 09:00 around.

All above are subjected to its changed by ship Corp..



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