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Facilities and service in 4stars Yangtze Yangtse or Yangzi Star ship: central air- conditioner, closed circuit TV, audio, dining room, coffee house, bar, ballroom, karaoke, shopping center, beauty parlor, outside observation platform, conference room, business center etc.

Cabins and accommodations in Yangtze Princess ship:
Standard Cabin (twin):
17mē/cabin, 74 cabins: one bed room, one bath room.
Deluxe Suite:
34mē/suite, 4 suites: one living room, one bed room, one bath room.
President Suite: 88mē/suite, 2 suites: one living room, one bed room, one bath room.

1st Navigation: Sep 1988.
New decoration: 2005
Capacity: 140 passengers.
Length: 87 meters.
Width: 16.4 meters.
Meals: B'fast, buffet; Lunch, Chinese Style (table); Dinner, Chinese Style (table).
Stars: 4 stars.
Cruises: Chongqing and Yichang.
Ship name: Yangtze Star. (Changjiang Zhi Xing, Yangzi Star)

Itinerary (reference only) for China Yangtse River Sanxia dam cruise tour as:

Down stream (Chongqing-Yichang):
Day01, Departure at 09:00 from Chongqing, China, and excursion to Fengdu - Ghost City.
Day02, Excursion to the Shennongxi Stream.
Day03, Excursion to  the China Three Gorges Dam, and arrive Yichang at about 11:30.

Up stream (Yichang-Chongqing)
Day01, Departure at 09:00 from Yichang, excursion to the China Three Gorges Dam.
Day02, Excursion to Small Three Gorges - Lesser Three Gorges or Shennongxi Stream.
Day03, Excursion to Fengdu.
Day04, Arrive Chongqing at 09:00 around.

All above are subjected to its changed by ship Corp..


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