China Customized Yangtze Yangtse River Ship & Boat Cruises Dam Study Trip & CitiS Coach Tour

There are cruises tours and dam study trips either from Chongqing or from Yichang, either for longer or shorter time, either for Yangtze River Three Gorges or Lesser Three Gorges, or pass through Qutang, Wu, Xiling gorges; even one day cruise by hydrofoil boat or by deluxe ships for three gorges dam. One day to visit Theree Gorges from Wanzhou to Yichang!!

Tour Code Tour Program Days Cost
  Normal Yangtse Three Gorges Dam Tour      
Dam-Nor-000 Half day tour to the Dam  of Yangtze Three Gorges Dam Project (TGP)      departure: daily 0.5 470cny  
Dam-Nor-001 One 1 day trip to visit  Yangtze River Three Gorges Dam Project (TGP) Xiling Gorge      departure: daily 1 780CNY  
Dam-Nor-004 Hydrofoil fast boat of Chongqing Fengjie - Yichang rush short tour to qutang wu xiling  Three Gorges Dam   departure: daily 2 1565  
Dam-Nor-005 Explore Yangtze river to Wushan Shennv lesser three gorges Badong shennong stream Yichang dam                      departure: daily 5 2840  
Dam-Nor-0054 Economic boat tour to Fengjie Wushan Jiuwan the Dam   departure: daily (Mar-Oct) 2-3 110+  
Dam-Nor-0056 Economic Baot tour to Fengdu, Yunyang, Wanzhou, Fengjie, Wushan, Zigui, the Dam (Chinese Speaking gudie)  departure: daily 3+ 130+  
Dam-Nor-006 Boat trip to Fengdu Fengjie Wushan Lesser Three Gorges Badong Shennongxi Yichang Dam Top   departure: daily 5 485  
Dam-Nor-024 China Grand Canal Tour      
  Research & Dam Study Tour for Three Gorges Dam      
Dam-study-00 Three Gorges Dam Tour (Official) 1 240  
Dam-study-01 3gorges & Gezhouba Dam  Tour (Power House + Expert + Official) 3 480  
Dam-study-02 3gorges,  Gezhouba &  Qingjiang Dam  Tour (Power House + expert + official + lectures) 5 880  
Dam-study-03 TGP + Gezhouba + Hydraulic Academy of Science tour (Power House + expert + official + lectures + silt model sediment) 7 1280  
Dam-study-04 TGP + Gezhouba + Rock & Earth Academic Institute tour (Power House + expert + official + lectures + Rock research) 7 1460  
Dam-study-10 Along the Yangtze River: Ertan, Dujiangyan, Chipingpu (Power house + expert) 11 1880  
Dam-study-14 TGP and Yangtze River cruise trip (Power house + expert + lectures) 9 1640  
  Yangtze River & Ship Chartering Trip      
  Group cruise trip to Yangtze Three Gorges for convention & conference  and incentive corporate event      
Cities' Local Tour
Shanghai daily excursions tour to Hangzhou Suzhou Zhouzhuang water viallage     1day Shanghai excursions trip to Nanjing Wuxi Suzhou Zhouzhuang Hangzhou   4-6days
Shanghai cocktail party and evening Huangpu River cruise trip   
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Beijing    Xi'an    Guilin  Wuhan   Yichang    Shashi (Jingzhou)  Chongqing     Sichuan & Chengdu       Nanjing   Mt.Huangshan      Tibet & Lhasa  from 2260CNY in 2009


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Above tour arranged some with Private Tour and some with Group Tour.
And all above quotation excluded cruises cost, please check
page for cruises cost in details.

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