Technical & Practical Lectures and Academic Interests or Specialization or Professions for TGP Study Tour

Academic dam study tour to TGP 

The Three Gorges Dam Project (TGP) will have far-reaching geographical, geological, ecological, agricultural, archeological, sociological, economical and political effects.
To understand this project TGP in varies professions of geography, geology, ecology, agriculture, archeology, sociology, economics, environment and human population, construction works, to develop the hydraulic technology in the future.
For construction & designing engineers, scientists, university students to study dam in China with academic interview, as well as technical & practical visit, we suggest some lectures and academic interests, specialization, professionals in the large hydraulic projects with large reservoirs as follow:

1, Sands & Stones problem, River Sedimentation and Erosion.
2, Hydro Projects and their impacts to the environment.
3, Estuarine and costal engineering.
4, Soil and water.
5, River sedimentation and mathematical morphology modeling.
6, River bottom.
7, Earthquake and Largest Hydraulic project.
8, Project site and its geological research.
9, Power house and electricity transportation.
10, Cofferdam Construction.
11, Foundation treatment for construction.
12, Concrete works and technique (temperature control, and the rate, rolled compacted concrete RCC technique).
13, Mechanical - electrical equipment installation.
14, Aviation cruise and management.
15, Flood control and irrigation.
16, Largest reservoir and weather.
17, Shiplift and metal structure.
18, Immigration.
19, Dam discharge.

In each dam study tour, we can arrange one or two even three lectures in above professions, per your request and the availablity of the scientists.  Just tell us your idea, then we will try to arrange it for your group.

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